About Me

Cinematographer. Editor. Timelapse Photographer. 

I'm a 21 year old photographer and cinematographer based in Los Angeles, CA. My passion for cinema and cameras started in 2008 while working on Thoroughbred, a camera demo for Sony's F35.I started with timelapse photography, a happy medium between photo and video. From there, I ventured to editing, drone videography, and cinematography. My personal and professional life are enveloped in producing astounding video content for a wide variety of platforms.

I now work in the VFX industry on facets that range from Inertial Motion Capture to Traditional VFX Plate Shooting to pioneering technologies like Live In-Camera VFX and Kinetic, Interactive Lighting. This has provided me opportunities to work on major Hollywood films and TV shows as well as some of the largest production companies in the world. On my own, I sell my timelapse footage as well as shoot drone and timelapse for real estate professionals, both commercial and residential.